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Wisconsin's fall colors are coming to life in the fall, Wisconsin State Parks are seeing fewer crowds these days, the weather is still mild and pleasant, and families and children are back to school. There are plenty of things to do and see in Madison Wisconsin and you can make the trip on one of our premium charter buses. In addition, booking a charter bus is as easy as a few minutes of your time and as cheap as $10 a day. We think this is the perfect time to visit Madison, and there are a number of great things to do in Wisconsin this fall with the help of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

If you love music and want to save a penny on other activities, there are plenty of free outdoor concerts in Madison this fall.

Other favourites include hiking Picnic Point, playing the Fibonacci chimes and watching the bald eagle. Watch eagles, enjoy the Hawks Mill wine house in New Glarus, with a gift shop on the second floor of the building, just across the street from the Kohl Center sports events. What to do in Madison, WI : On Saturday, October 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Madison Convention Center will host the Wisconsin State Fair, the largest outdoor sporting event in Madison.

There's a lot to see, do and nibble on, so it's better to start with some of the big hits. If you want to visit Madison, you can enjoy the best things in Madison when you want to be in the middle of the action, be it the capital building modeled after the White House in Washington, DC or the Wisconsin State Fair. Here are the main events, activities and things Madison has to do and offers, and here are some tips on how to do them.

The city and the community have compiled a list of activities in the Madison, WI area, according to the Madison Rising website. There are a lot of great restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and bars in Madison and it is one of the best - located. It is a great place to have a good time with friends and family, especially if you have to behave by the pool.

The Madison Children's Museum was ranked as one of the 10 best free recreational activities in Madison, Wisconsin by Reader's Digest. It offers family fun in a creative, interactive, fun and educational environment with numerous prizes. According to the city's website, there are many free and inexpensive things to do with your family in the Madison area. The list of "things to do for kids in Madison Wisconsin" proves that this city still has a big budget - family-friendly options.

This beautiful museum houses famous works by artists and will certainly make your Madison trip unforgettable. If you're raising children or planning a trip to the Wisconsin capital, here are some fabulous family-friendly attractions in Madison.

History lovers can enjoy Madison's history, as the city of Wisconsin houses the James Wright Museum of Natural History, one of the oldest museums in the United States. This building was built in 1838 and replaced in 1863 by the Madison Public Library, the first public library in Wisconsin. Highway G north of Belmont and Leslie preserves the original Wisconsin State Capitol from the early 19th century. Madison was chosen because of its historical significance to Wisconsin history and its proximity to Milwaukee.

The Geology Museum, housed in the University of Wisconsin's Weeks Hall, houses the largest collection of geology and geophysics in North America. The 1,200-hectare park has more than 100,000 square meters of museum space, as well as an outdoor amphitheater with a variety of outdoor activities and exhibitions.

Lake Kegonsa State Park is located about 10 miles from Madison in Stoughton, WI, in Dane County, and features a glacier-carved lake with a total area of 1,000 acres. The options for a holiday in the surrounding area include camping, hiking, picnics and snowshoeing, as well as a variety of outdoor activities. There are several options for camping, hiking, picnicking and snowshoeing offered in the park, such as Lake of the Woods, Kewaunee River Trail or Great Lakes Trail.

It offers camping, hiking, picnics and snowshoeing, as well as a variety of outdoor activities in the area, such as campgrounds and picnic areas.

It offers camping, hiking, picnics and snowshoeing, as well as a variety of outdoor activities in the area, such as campgrounds and picnic areas.

Parfrey Glen is located in Devil's Lake State Park and is a state nature reserve designated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway is a 3,550-acre nature reserve located on the west side of the river in the town of Parfrey, Wisconsin, north of Madison.

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