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If you're a foodie visiting Madison, Wisconsin, there are 17 restaurants in Madison that you should definitely try. From James Beard Award-winning restaurants to a Jazz Age-inspired cocktail joint, this is where you should eat and drink in Madison.

Whether you're attending a Wisconsin Badgers game, exploring the stunning State Capitol or experiencing the energy of State Street, there are some fantastic places to eat in Madison. There are many that make Madison one of the most beautiful cities in the USA with a great food and drink scene.

The menu includes French onion cheese, Swiss Gruyère cheese and Swiss grilled cheese with Swiss-grey cheese. The Wisconsin Cheeseman sells a variety of cheeses from around the world, using recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Madison has a thriving food scene that has been recognized throughout the Midwest as a city with an innovative, ingredient-focused culture. The menu, inspired by Wisconsin taverns and nightclubs, includes a variety of dishes from local and international restaurants, as well as local craft beer. Little Tibet is a must - eat with dishes that correspond to traditional Tibetan recipes.

This bistro was opened in 2010 by John Gadau and Phillip Hurley as part of the Madison Food Festival, the largest food festival in the United States. Madison is an oasis in the Midwest, and its respect for the entire state of Wisconsin has taken advantage of the concept of farm-to-table restaurants to gain the same popularity in Madison as it has in almost every major city in the United States, which was celebrated after the opening of Madison's first restaurant Farm to Table. It gathers a food-loving crowd from across the Midwest, as well as around the world, with an emphasis on local ingredients and local foods.

The DarkHorse is also a place to feel good and to go back to the beginnings of Madison's food scene. Ian has become an integral part of the Madison community and reflects this by using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. It offers travelers a true taste of Wisconsin by offering local produce including meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy products and more, as well as local wines.

I have eaten in many great restaurants in the city and tried at least once pretty much everywhere, but I absolutely ate every single visit to Madison. Sardines offer some of the best brunches in this city, and they're one of my favorite places to eat in Madison, Wisconsin.

This second-floor restaurant at the recently opened AC Hotel Madison attracts well-heeled crowds - and stopped to gaze at downtown Madison to lure them in for a good meal. Enjoy the classic stock and small plates that are first presented in the really stylish and then the more modern and modern dishes.

Co, founded in 1972 by Joanna Guthrie and Odessa Piper, this restaurant is considered the birthplace of the renowned Madison chefs, who are found throughout the dining scene, each serving their own menu and taste. Portillo's is known as a chain in Chicagoland, and then there's Tami's Harvest Restaurant, founded in 2010 by TAMI Lax and praised for its inspiration from the tradition of tavern-dinner clubs in Wisconsin.

Mickey's, with a history dating back to 1902, has become a gathering place for Madison's East Side over the past century, where people meet and enjoy good food, drink and live music.

I don't live there anymore, but I think Graze has the best fried cheese curd in Madison, so I ordered the curd with a roasted garlic sauce. This delicious little burger is perfect to pair with the best - of - all - fried - cheese - curd - in - Madison. If you're in Wisconsin for the first time, try Wisconsin Old Fashioned, and you'll be grateful to have learned something about Madison's food! I was standing in front of a Madison friend who was relentlessly teasing me about my new favorite restaurant in town, Madison Old fashioned.

I certainly do not eat in every place in the city, but I know that many of you have strong opinions. If there is a Madison restaurant you like that you miss, please leave a comment!

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In Madison, Wisconsin, the city's most popular restaurants open their doors at the same time every day.

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