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There's a lot to see and do and nibble on, so we'd better start with some great hits. We've rounded up some of the great ideas and events taking place in Madison this year, and here are the most important events, activities and things Madison has to offer. It starts with the roast, which is free, as we all know, but also sells billions of brats.

Taste of Madison packed Capitol Square with food, vendors and charity, and Yum-Yum's Fest is an upscale food-tasting event.

If you have time, head to the towering Mississippi cliffs for views of the Mississippi, Lake Michigan and Wisconsin State Capitol. If art isn't your thing, visit the Overture Center for the Arts, a truly Wisconsin experience in the western suburb of Middleton, or try one of Madison's many art galleries, galleries and museums. The Majestic Theatre is right on the square and hosts a variety of live music events, concerts and other events throughout the summer. For those of you who live on King Street, there is a full programme of events. And if art isn't your thing, try the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's annual summer concert series in Capitol Square.

Downtown Madison is less than 30 minutes away, making for an easy afternoon excursion. If you're doing business on the west side of Madison and don't worry about missing downtown life, this is a good place to stay. If you want to venture into downtown Madison for your stay in the city, you don't need a rental car.

If you come to Madison from the upper Midwest and simply don't feel like spending hours behind the wheel to start and finish your journey, you can catch a bus to reach it. If you live in a car and your visit is not part of a long drive (like me), it's a good bet to fly to Milwaukee instead of DCRA. It's worth it, if only because of the extra 90 minutes you can spare when driving there from Madison.

Driving in Madison is not as easy as driving to Milwaukee, especially if you don't live in the city for more than a few hours a day, but it's not stressful either - free. Driving a personal vehicle to Madison is not the most convenient option either, as it can lead to a lot of traffic jams and parking problems.

The best way to avoid aging is to simply plan a route that will reach all Madison Bazaar stations by the end of the ride - in time.

Monthly and annual tickets are only available online, but if you stay in Madison for a while, you need to do some advance planning. Madison is a city with four seasons, so the timing of your visit will definitely influence what you bring with you. The University of Wisconsin is in full swing, and the weekends at UW football home games are especially busy, when Madison seems to be temporarily turning into a huge back door party. When the state legislature is not in session, Madison can be noticeably fuller, as there are four seasons in the city.

Pre - event package pick up - up : pick up packages and equipment from the Wisconsin State Fairground on Saturday, October 27, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please note that for the drive-in ($8 daily and $11 daily) at Drive-in stickers are required for vehicle registration. Bring enough and comfortable backpacks to carry food, water and other things you need to explore Madison and its surroundings. You only have to avoid the areas where you might need a student ID to enter. You can organize up to 10 days of events, but please bring as much as you can in your spacious, comfortable backpack, along with all the other things you need to explore Madison, its surroundings, or both.

Stroll through the beautiful botanical gardens of Janesville, WI, or stay safe in your car while heading to Madison for the annual Madison Light Show ($8 daily and $11 daily). If you are arriving in Madison by car this winter, check the weather forecast a few days before your visit to see the entire light show from the outside. Madison is known for unpredictable and unseasonal weather throughout the year, so you should watch the forecasts carefully and adjust your plans to avoid freeway travel during storm height.

From the town of Pheasant Branch, it is clear to clear the city to the Pheasant Branch, which offers picturesque views of Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin River and the Great Lakes. Named after the sandstone rock formations that line the nearby Wisconsin River, there is a region of four counties known simply as "Dell." It is located in the center of the Wisconsin Isthmus, which locals call simply "Ithmus."

I can say without hesitation that Marquette is a charming place, but to a lesser extent I have spent more time here than in any other piece of Madison in here. Madison is an underrated hub that has done much to bury Milwaukee and its gnarled industrial past. If you are interested in the history of the city, art and culture or just food, a weekend visit is worthwhile.

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