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Football is one of the most anticipated sports at the University of Madison, and students are fighting for tickets at the start of the year.

Badger Games, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, originally planned to admit up to 1,500 people to each game, mainly family, players and staff. Badgers, rowing, has done a number of remarkable things along the way. The Badger, which has weathered the Wisconsin winters, should be proud to call the university the largest recreational program. Rowing has become an important part of hosting major competitions in Madison and a larger area, and has been a strong presence in the Madison area in recent years.

The Big Ten decided to allow football games for fans and allow the Badgers to play in the stadium, but only if they allowed fans to play football, since the university is considered a state institution.

In 1988, the University of Wisconsin-Madison established a trademark licensing program to register the Bucky Badger logo, which was rejected by local retailers. The United States Patent and Trademark Office allowed UW to register the trademark if the public identified the logos "Bucky" and "Badger" as those of the University and Madison. The ownership arrangements were determined by the Wisconsin Board of Regents and the Office of Intellectual Property of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Badgers returned to the national championship game in 2008 and faced the University of Minnesota in the first round of the College Football Playoffs. In the end, they defeated the Fighting Illinois 45-7 and won the next round against Illinois 53-41. The trophy was handed to the Badgers and Gophers after the loss, without the two schools claiming to know their whereabouts. After losses to Michigan State (31-14) and Minnesota (32-20), the Badgers lost to Ohio State in their last game of 2008.

The NCAA Women's National Championship trophy, left behind at Minnesota State, was the only one of its kind at the University of Wisconsin.

The Badgers became the first team in NCAA history to reach four consecutive seasons and won their third national championship with a 5-0 victory over Mercyhurst. The Badgers reclaimed the championship for the second time in the club's history in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. In the 2015 NCAA Women's National Championship Game, the Badgers defeated Boston University 4-1 to win their second national title in three years and their third in five years. Last season, they won the NCAA Men's College World Series title. It was their fifth in seven years and their sixth in eight years as they won their sixth national championship.

In 2002-03, the Badgers won the Big Ten and lost to Ohio State in the first round of the NCAA tournament for the second time in program history. In the 2006-07 season, the team recorded a 4-1 victory over second-place Pittsburgh and a 3-0 victory over Michigan State. The season opener marked a win against the Purdue Boilermakers, the team's first victory at home since a 5-2 win over Michigan in 2006. They lost 6-3 in their first ever game in Madison in front of 7,000 fans in overtime to Indiana.

At first it didn't look like the University of Wisconsin football team was interested in the Duke-Mayo Bowl, but it has been since.

This time, the school replaced the live badger with a live raccoon called Regdab, or "Badger Backwards. This time, they replaced it with the "live raccoons," called "Regdad" and "Badgers backwards." The school has since replaced them with "live badgers," known as regdabs or badges.

The Badger football program had a number of greats, including fullback Alan Ameche, running back Eddie Lacy and quarterback Bucky Hodges. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2010, joining other legendary Badgers such as Jim Tressel, Paul Chryst, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Ditka, Bill O'Brien, Steve Spurrier, Jerry Sandusky, John Elway and others.

At the start of the season, Wisconsin was tied with Michigan State for first place in the Big 10 Conference and Minnesota for second place with a 12-1 record. Big Ten tournament as the second seed, the Badgers' first game was a 70-57 victory over Michigan. Ryan won his 200th victory with the Badgers on January 23, 2012, defeating rival Marquette (72-60) in front of a sold-out house at Kohl Center in Madison.

Even if we don't make the last four, or even the top eight, I will always remember supporting this team. Whether we still live in the shadow of Camp Randall or simply have old memories at heart, UW-Madison was always there to welcome us home. There's nothing sweeter than a Badger win, whether it's in front of a sold-out house at Kohl Center or in a home-and-home series against a rival team like Michigan State.

Wisconsin clothing and accessories bring the pride of the team into tangible form so you can wear it loud and proud for all to see. Whether you're in Wisconsin wearing clothes or just going to the University Book Store to get a pair of badger overalls, let's pay homage to all that makes this team what we are and be there for us.

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