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Whether you're raising children or planning a trip to the Wisconsin capital, there are some fabulous family-friendly attractions in Madison. We've compiled a list of the best things to do in and around Madison, Wisconsin. The city and community have organized a variety of things for you in the Madison (WI) area, from Madison Rose Garden to the Wisconsin State Fair and more.

This stadium was built more than 35 years ago and is a great place to spend a day in Madison, Wisconsin. You will find it in downtown Madison, near the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin State Fair, and in downtown Madison.

The stately presence is the tallest building in Madison, and towers over the city in a way that every street leads to the Capitol.

The upper observation deck is open all year round and offers great views of Lake Monona and the city of Madison. When you come to Madison, Wisconsin this summer, there's no doubt you can enjoy the beauty of the lake on deck. Catch a game, picnic or swim, but a trip to the lake is another great way to have fun in Madison!

However you decide to spend some time in Madison, don't forget to visit the State Capitol, where the community often hosts concerts and other events that bring people together from near and far to enjoy the best that the Midwest has to offer.

History buffs will love the Wisconsin Historical Museum, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is definitely on our must-see list. If art isn't your thing, head to the truly Wisconsin experience in the western suburb of Middleton and try the Milwaukee Art Museum or the Art Institute of Wisconsin - Madison. Other museums worth visiting include the State Museum and the Wisconsin State Archives, where you can learn all about the history of the region in one place. And finally, if you want to experience art and culture in Madison, be sure to check out our guide to the best art galleries and museums in Wisconsin, as well as some great restaurants and bars.

If you want to see how great the art world is in Madison, visit the Chazen Museum of Art to see some of the best artworks in the world, past and present.

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the only museum dedicated to meat - that is, dinosaurs. With a recommended donation of $5, adults can experience the world's largest collection of meat-eating theropods in one of North America's largest collections.

Downtown Madison, Wisconsin, offers some of the best shopping, dining and entertainment in the state of Wisconsin. If you want to experience downtown Madison and see how great tourist attractions can be, head to State Street. Don't forget that there are some great attractions below, as well as many great restaurants, bars and shops in Madison. The garden is located on the campus of the University of Madison and offers a variety of styles including classic, modern, contemporary and modern styles of architecture, art, architecture and architecture.

So, as you can see, there are so many reasons to put Madison, Wisconsin, on your travel list. Madison and Wisconsin have plenty of things to do and see on one of our premium charter buses. Geographically, Madison is just a few hours from the Moraine and K ranges, making it an easy getaway. This is an easier side trip because you are close to many of Wisconsin's most popular tourist attractions.

The Monona Terrace was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and serves as a convention center in Madison and Dane County, WI. This 10,000 square foot museum is located across from the State Capitol. The building was built in 1838 and replaced in 1863 by the Wisconsin State Museum, the first of its kind in the United States. Highway G north of Belmont and Leslie to preserve the Madison site selected as the site of the National Museum of Natural History, one of the nation's oldest and largest museums.

It is operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society and houses several exhibits that depict the history of the state and its people, as well as a collection of historical artifacts and artefacts. There are always several fun Madison themed exhibitions as fountains, and some of these displays are sponsored by companies in the Madison area. And last but not least, the Christmas tree of the Capitol is not to be missed - see for yourself. Imagine Bucky's building in the Wisconsin state capital as the perfect backdrop for your Christmas shopping in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you want to do something in Madison, WI, that calms the senses and reminds you how beautiful life is, come to the Olbrich Botanical Garden. If you want to see the majesty of botany, you'll see why it's one of Madison's top tourist attractions.

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